Increase your twitter ranking with these DIY Optimization tips

If you think twitter is something you can ignore while building your brand reputation, THINK AGAIN. Check out the popular accounts of Pepsi, Coca Cola, Elon Musk and even President Trump, to know that they feature on the top 5 results in the first page of both Bing and Google. Mr. Musk has saliently tweeted his way to have a full-fledged carousel of his tweets on Google SERP.

Here’s how you can jump on the band-wagon.

#Twitter Handle

Your twitter handle or your user name gets incorporated in all page titles and profile URL’s by twitter. Yeah, it is astronomically important that you optimize your twitter handle. Many people who do not understand how SEO works, forget that it is to help people find you or your business.

You need to spell your handle as closely as possible to the way people choose to search for you. Usually Inc. or Company is left out when someone searches for your business. Ideally come as close to your name as possible by leaving out blanks.

Twitter gives you 15 characters in a user name which means, you would have to abbreviate and craft a variation to your original name, leaving out emojis and other fun stuff.

#Full name

Full name is the next best thing to twitter handle. It features just below your profile avatar is astronomically significant as a keyword sequence. Twitter allows you 20 characters and as in the handle you need to make it as near to your name as possible.

The full name is important as firstly, this is the anchor text that links back to your page. Secondly, the name becomes a part of the Title text and lastly it is the last official way, a person can know whether an account is official or not.

#Bio Description Field

This is a golden pot for you to fill in keywords while discussing your business or other purpose. If you are a business make sure you put in the complete name without any abbreviations. You can use Company or Inc. here. Play with this field to add in your local city name and other keyword combinations related to you.

#Link URL and Location fields

Many people miss out on this opportunity to optimize. Link your URL and fill in the location fields avoiding typos. By using your website URL you are strengthening the rankings. Make sure you add only the city name and state and not a phone number or geo-coordinates.

#Verify your account

A study shows that verifying your account can give you a certain advantage with Google. The check mark which you get with a verified account makes it more worthwhile.

#Tweet, Retweet and Like

Now you use twitter as it was meant to. The more you tweet good content, the more famous your twitter handle gets. Retweeting or Liking other famous pages, can also buy you the attention of other twitter users.

The only thing you need to be careful about is to not spam and maintain Google’s trustworthiness.


Even though Google does not rank your twitter handle on the basis of the number of followers you get. They do rank it on relative ranking which basically means they check the follower to followed ratio. The more followers you get retweeting and liking the better you fair on the SERP.

#Twitter Link

Link your twitter account directly with your website to ensure indexing and a better chance at ranking. In case you have a blog add semantic codes to incorporate twitter cards.

#Tweet Content – Emojis, Pictures and Videos

Lastly, what you tweet needs to be engaging and good enough for people to appreciate. Using emojis or adding pictures and videos helps people connect more to your brand.

The most important factor which you need to remember is that SEO is for analytics only in the short run. In the long run it is your consumers that you need to woo.

Have you tried these tips? Share your comments below. Be the first to start a thread. Simplified WS can get your twitter handle up to shape and build your brand reputation in no time.

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