A Quick Guide to understanding SEO

Thriving in any online business means you need to appeal to the end user and solve a particular concern. It is actually not very complicated at all, when you understand exactly what is needed where. Did you know that more 80% of the traffic on your website could be from search engines?

Let’s begin with the basics. Let’s start by understanding what SEO is.

What is SEO (Search engine optimization)?

Everyone knows how to go about finding stuff on the internet. You simply type some specific keywords about what you want in the ‘search bar’ and hit enter. This gives you a list of searches divided among various pages, even though no one ever goes to the second page. The list of searches is a result of SEO based on the keywords you used.

SEO is a method of enhancing the effectiveness of your content for the search engines to help it to rank higher than others. This brings us to the next question. Which content will result in a higher ranking?

Which Words Work?

SEO starts and ends with content. But this does not mean that you have to drown yourself in words. No! You want authoritative content. You want to invest in words which are relevant to your people and audience in general. You want something your visitors relate to. Yes, there will have to be some time spent on analyzing what works and what doesn’t. But, then again, if you are over-worked, you could always utilize the help of various SEO consultants.

Hit on a content plan by two easy steps: –

  • Figure out what you want to write about
  • Write it

Don’t base your content around keywords. Instead, find the no man’s land between the products which you offer and the products which potential customers are searching for. You will never go wrong with this content marketing strategy.

Always remember that Website visitors are like wild animals, forever on the hunt for something bigger and better. People visiting a site never read; they skim. You need to grab their attention and keep it long enough to convert the visitor into a user.

Black Hat vs. White Hat

Remember the good old times when you could simply stuff keywords in a website and have loads of links leading to nothing relevant in particular, still managing to rank high up? Well, those things do not work anymore, which is why they are the ‘old times’. With the latest roll out of Google Algorithms, such practices can actually get a website penalized by Google. These tricks are termed as Black Hat.

White Hat SEO entails Unique and relevant page titles with relevant content which is complete and free of errors. The images need to be well labeled and references should be given wherever necessary. SEO in this way focuses on the human audience rather than tricking the search engine robot.

Tip: If you ever go in for a SEO Specialist, look for a White Hat Consultant and run in the opposite direction from a Black Hat Predator.

Now, SEO is of two types; on page and off page. Needless to say, off page is not in your hands. Google takes in loads of variables depending upon social media, other people blogs etc. However, on page is right there on your website. Do not miss out on the opportunity to maximize your gains by simply tweaking headlines, content and page structure.

We sure hope you understand a bit more about SEO than you did before. Let’s start a discussion in the comments section.

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